BrainPatch co-founder and CEO, Dr Nickolai Vysokov, has a PhD in Neuroscience from Imperial College London and King's College, has co-authored several published articles and has developed patented Neurotechnology.

During early days of the company Dr Vysokov has suffered from excessive work-related stress and eventually has reached the stage of physical burnout, which brought the much needed 'Eureka' moment: "Everybody suffers from stress and everybody needs a fast, safe, effective and non addictive solution! The answer is BrainPatch." Over the course of product development, the tool has been absolutely invaluable to everyone in the team and to our first customers. Please see more information and testimonials on the e-meditation product page.


BrainPatch is a team of highly skilled experts in the fields of Neuroscience, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. We develop technologies to leverage on the existing applications, to break the boundaries of what is possible and to lead the neurotechnology revolution.

Nickolai Vysokov, PhD

CEO, Co-Founder

Dauren Toleukhanov, MA

Co-CEO, Co-Founder

Yaroslav Gachshenko

Chief Technical Officer

Sergii Tukaiev, PhD

Chief Neuroscientist

Sofia Goldenstein

Chief Marketing Officer

Octavio Siller

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Advisory Board

Dr Frank Zanow

Go-to-market Advisor
CEO, Ant-Neuro

Professor Paul Fitzgerald, PhD

Expert in non-invasive brain stimulation

Christian Bunke, MBA

Intellectual Property Expert
CEO, Aalbun

Professor Bazbek Davletov, PhD

Expert in synapses

Paul Gilles

Manufacturing Advisor
CEO, Headphone Revolution

Professor Steve Potter, PhD

Expert in neural engineering

Milestone Chronology

TEDx Talk by Dr. Nickolai Vysokov
Patent on AI + stimulation
Prizes: Emerge 2018, Astana Hub
Central Research Laboratory hardware acceleration programme
Most cutting edge neurotechnology Start-Up Wealth & Finance
Prototype and App demo
Patents on wearables, recording + stimulation and electroceuticals
Start of sales B2B pilots and partnerships
Design and TM Granted
Design Innovation Award
Peer-reviewed journals and conferences