BrainPatch is the Neuro Tech industry leader in AI-powered brain-computer interfaces enabling everyone to tap into the hidden potential of their brains to achieve a longer and happier life through non invasive brain stimulation

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BrainPatch.AI is a British neurotech startup founded by two Neuropreneurs - Dr Nickolai Vysokov and Dauren Toleukhanov. Its main mission is to popularise personalised neurostimulation and make it available and affordable to everyone.

BrainPatch.AI has developed a technological platform comprising patented Neuro headphone device, mobile application and stimulation library infrastructure. The platform gives access to various non-invasive brain stimulation applications ranging from instantaneous stress relief and relaxation to productivity boost. This improves quality of life through helping one reach meditation-like clear mind effects at a push of a button.

BrainPatch co-founder and CEO, Dr Nickolai Vysokov, has a PhD in Neuroscience from Imperial College London and King's College. He has co-authored several published scientific articles, and has developed patented and patent-pending Neuro technology.

During early days of the company Dr Vysokov has suffered from excessive work-related stress and eventually has reached the stage of burnout, which brought the much needed 'Eureka' moment: "Everybody suffers from stress and everybody needs a fast, safe and non addictive solution! The answer is BrainPatch."

The economic cost of stress is estimated to be in the order of $1 trln worldwide, so it's a problem worth solving.

We know that people need our technology and we are here to help.


Currently most of the devices on the brain stimulation market just "tell" your brain what to do. We have developed hardware that can "listen" and "talk" to your brain. In this manner by listening and talking we can achieve a much more effective stimulation. More information on this can be found below in the TEDx talk of BrainPatch founder Dr Nickolai Vysokov.


BrainPatch is a team of highly skilled experts in the fields of Neuroscience, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. We develop technologies to leverage on the existing applications, to break the boundaries of what is possible and to lead the neurotechnology revolution.

Nickolai Vysokov, PhD

CEO, Co-Founder

Dauren Toleukhanov, MA

COO, Co-Founder

Illya Tarasenko, PhD

Chief Technical Officer

Anna Tarasenko, MSc

Chief Neuroscientist

Sofia Goldenstein

Chief Marketing Officer

Yaroslav Gachshenko

Chief Information Officer

Octavio Siller

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Advisory Board

Dr Frank Zanow

Go-to-market Advisor
CEO, Ant-Neuro

Professor Paul Fitzgerald, PhD

Expert in non-invasive brain stimulation

Christian Bunke, MBA

Intellectual Property Expert
CEO, Aalbun

Professor Bazbek Davletov, PhD

Expert in synapses

Paul Gilles

Manufacturing Advisor
CEO, Headphone Revolution

Professor Steve Potter, PhD

Expert in neural engineering

Sergii Tukaiev, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Funders and Partners

The cutting-edge neurotechnology developed by BrainPatch would not have been possible without support from our funders and partners.


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