At BrainPatch we are making safe and effective neurotechnology accessible and enabling everyone to tap into the hidden potential of their brains through non invasive neurostimulation.

Who we are

BrainPatch.AI is a European neurotech startup founded by two Neuropreneurs - Dr Nickolai Vysokov and Dauren Toleukhanov. Its main mission is to popularise personalised neurostimulation and make it available and affordable to everyone.

We have developed and rigorously tested for safety and efficacy our neuro-technological platform comprising a patented Neuro headphone device and software infrastructure. The platform gives you access to various non-invasive brain stimulation applications. The sensations range from instantaneous stress relief and relaxation to productivity boost and meditation-like clear head effects at a push of a button.

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Please see our About page for more information about the company and the team, please see our e-meditation page for more info and to pre-order our flagship product.

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