Are we hitting the limit of how
much we can learn in a lifetime?

Can neurological diseases be cured in a revolutionary way?

At BrainPatch we appreciate that optimal brain stimulation will be complex, NON-INVASIVE, unique and different for each individual.

We use ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to optimise brain stimulation and achieve an unbiased objective outcome as a blockchain record of change in brain activity.

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# # #   Technology overview

Combination of:

Non-invasive recording of brain activity (electroencephalography).

Combination of:

Non-invasive recording of brain activity (electroencephalography).

Combination of:

Non-invasive brain stimulation (transcranial alternating current, and temporal interference)
Our technology is so versatile that we would like to maximise its potential applications and its benefit to the society by making it available to EVERYONE. You could become the next developer of a ground-breaking application of non-invasive brain stimulation!
### Marketplace
  • Developers buy our developer’s package (API)
  • Clinics, trained specialists and consumers buy our hardware from us…
  • … and they buy apps developed by BrainPatch and third parties to achieve deeper sleep, more concentration,
    potentiate learning as well as clinical applications in Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, ADHD, etc.
  • Measureable outcomes will determine the execution of smart contracts.

### Team

  • Nickolai
    Vysokov, PhD

    CEO, Co-Founder
  • Dauren

    Co-Founder, Chairman
  • Illya

    Chief Engineer
  • Alena

    Chief of Investor Relations
  • Andrew

    Product Design
  • Professor Steve
    Potter, PhD

    Expert in neural engineering
  • Sergey

    Blockchain Expert
  • Professor Bazbek
    Davletov, PhD

    Expert in synapses
  • Prof. Paul

    Expert in non-invasive brain stimulation
  • Doron

    Go-to-Market Advisor
  • Christian

    Intellectual Property CEO Basck

###Advisory Board

  • ###Contact us

  • //BrainPatch

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Are you interested to hear more about the company and the technology?
Are you an expert in machine learning algorithms and would like to get early access to API?
Are you willing to help us with your time, connections, intellectual or financial support?

Please write to us and we will reply!



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