Neurotechnology for you

We are Neuropreneurs — visionaries, scientists, engineers – making our AI-powered personalised brain stimulation technology available for everyone. The closed loop stimulation technology we are developing would allow bespoke treatment for each individual. Just do it!

Core idea

At BrainPatch we appreciate that optimal brain stimulation will be complex, non-invasive, unique and different for each individual.

We use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to optimise brain stimulation for your brain.

Can neurological diseases be cured in a revolutionary way?

For too long large companies have been trying conventional pharma and biotech treatments to neurological disorders with very little success. Electrical stimulation on the other hand has helped millions of patients with Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, heart arrhythmia, deafness, blindness and more. With mounting evidence for the use of non-invasive brain and vagus nerve stimulation techniques in diseases from Alzheimer's to chronic pain we believe that our technology of stimulation optimisation has a significant advantage.

We're happy to partner with academic institutions and larger companies to make a difference to the lives of patients and their families! Please get in touch if you are interested to collaborate or to find out more and sign up for future trials.


Currently most of the devices on the brain stimulation market just "tell" your brain what to do. We have developed hardware that can "listen" and "talk" to your brain. In this manner by listening and talking we can achieve a much more effective stimulation. More information on this can be found below in the TEDx talk of BrainPatch founder Dr. Nickolai Vysokov.

Become a part of BrainPatch

Help us help you, contribute in one of the following ways!

Try Brain Stimulation

For those who would like to be among the first to try our brain stimulation and participate in trials.

Invest in Our Project

Maybe you are a VC/Angel Investor interested in helping BrainPatch grow?

Collaborate as developer

For neuroscientists, ML engineers, teams of people or a large company interested in developing applications for BrainPatch Store.

Our team

BrainPatch is a team of highly skilled experts in the fields of neuroscience, physics, electrical engineering and AI developing technologies to leverage on the existing applications, to break the boundaries of what is possible and to lead the neurotechnology revolution.

Nickolai Vysokov, PhD

CEO, Co-Founder

Dauren Toleukhanov

Co-Founder, Chairman

Illya Tarasenko

Chief Technical Officer

Anna Tarasenko

Chief Neuroscientist

Sofia Kolesnikova

Chief Marketing Officer

Yaroslav Gachshenko

Chief Information Officer

Advisory Board

Professor Steve Potter, PhD

Expert in neural engineering

Professor Bazbek Davletov, PhD

Expert in synapses

Prof. Paul Fitzgerald

Expert in non-invasive brain stimulation

Doron Debbie

Go-to-Market Advisor

Christian Bunke

Intellectual Property CEO Basck

Sergey Petkevich

Blockchain Expert

Our Funders and Partners

The cutting-edge neurotechnology developed by BrainPatch would not have been possible without support from our funders and partners.

Latest News

The Seed round investment was funded by Neuromotion Ventures

London-based BrainPatch has recently closed a $0.5 million funding round anticipating launch of the production line. The Seed round investment was funded by Neuromotion Ventures, along with a number angel investors.

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Who doesn't want to be at the cutting edge of neuroscience?

If you missed the Imperial College London Neurotechnology Symposium, it was full of mind-blowing research from fundamental research using artificial brains to study neurological effects of Covid-19 to updates from a $500+ million-worth company using your neural signals to control computers.

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Neuro Tech startup developing new breakthrough solutions

BrainPatch Limited, British Neuro Tech startup developing new breakthrough solutions for brain-computer interfaces and a recipient of Innovate UK and European Union Horizon 2020 Program grants, has successfully completed Seed Plus investment round on September 1st, 2020.

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Good news for BrainPatch that come in two!

We are pleased to say that our Project ‘Breakthrough non-invasive brain stimulation using AI’, has been selected for publication in the ‘Result in Brief’ section of the European Commission’s CORDIS website! CORDIS_EU

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NHSx: AI into healthcare

NHSx has published a policy guidance document about putting AI into healthcare. In Survey Case Studies BrainPatch is featured alongside companies like Google Health and Roche Diabetes Care platform

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BrainPatch at Chicago!

BrainPatch was in Chicago last week exhibiting two posters: 1. Low impedance electrodes that can be used for BOTH: recording and stimulation and 2. LIVE(!) demo of use of AI in processing EEG data in real-time. We started collecting pre-orders for our electrodes, recording and stimulation equipment.

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Good news for BrainPatch that come in two!

1. We have received the money from the European Commission who have selected our application for the prestigious awards for highly technically innovative business from across the EU: an SME instrument (Phase I).
2. The company was accepted into a hardware acceleration programme run by the Central Research Laboratories, London.

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