The Pre-Seed Plus round investment was funded by Neuromotion Ventures

Posted at Oct 08, 2021

London, Cambridge and Dublin based BrainPatch has recently closed a Pre-Seed Plus funding round valuing the company at $10 million anticipating the launch of production line. The investment came from Neuro Tech specialising institutional investors NeuroMotion Ventures BV, which is a welcome endorsement of BrainPatch vision and technology from the industry, and business angels.

The startup offers a technology which promises to be a total industry changer, fundamentally shifting the treatment paradigm for patients suffering from stress, anxiety and related mental health conditions. As a response to the lack of personalization and limited number of generic protocols offered by the existing solutions, BrainPatch proposes an adaptable vagus nerve electrical stimulation solution, personalised in real-time through AI against Heart Rate Variability (HRV), as a reliable marker of stress.

“Our custom solution supports customers aiming to improve their mental health and promotes the awareness about the benefits of neurostimultaion,” says Nickolai Vysokov, CEO and chief scientist.

BrainPatch — which was founded back in 2018 — is a grant-winning startup company, which main objective is to disrupt and reshape the field on non-invasive brain stimulation with a patented technology using AI algorithms making it tailored to every end user.

It now has a list of private and corporate customers represented by leading wellness studios and clinics who are impatiently anticipating the release of the first line of the devices.

In addition to helping individuals in coping with general stress in life and at work, BrainPatch device offers various benefits for the employers who can significantly decrease the absence rate at the workplace by introducing the service to their employees.

Commenting on the funding round, Frank Zanow, CEO at Neuromotion Ventures, added: “We at Neuromotion Ventures are proud to add Brainpatch to our portfolio and excited to begin work with Nickolai and Dauren and the rest of the team. Their vision and commitment to making Brainpatch a titan of the neurotech industry is truly inspiring and we are looking forward to sharing their journey.”